Art of Malabar

Malabar FM brings you a world of Mappila art and culture

Malabar’s musical legacy, connoisseurs of arts, and cuisine are world famous. Malabaries are great fans of their folk arts, which are mesmerizing, exotic and often out-of-the-world. The magic of Mappila art forms charm everyone with a pleasant appeal. Mappila Pattu, Oppana and Duffumuttu, all carry the essence of the coming together of two cultures.

The indigenous culture and the foreign one from the East that came with the, blending with a unique fusion of exquisite emotions and timeless tunes. However, it must be noted that much before the arrival of the Portuguese, Malabaries were great followers and patrons of art, which normally depicted the stories of their folk lore.

The folk heroes and their deeds entered the songs, which form the essence of Mappila Pattu. The rhythm, symphony and music of Mappila Pattu are a craze for millions of the people of the region and beyond.

The one-of-a-kind sentiments of the art and experiences from the Malabar region are now brought to you by Malabar FM, a joint venture of Radio Graamam and Millennium Audios. Apart from old and new Mappila songs as well as film songs, live news also will be a specialty of Malabar FM. Expect the lilting numbers of Mappila art on Malabar FM soon, bringing alive a whole new world of listener experiences.


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