RJ Anil

Mashriq in Arabic poetically means the "place of sunrise". Every dawn brings in new vision and new hopes. Malabar FM takes you through the new hopes with the lilting tunes of Mappila Pattu in Misrif.

Kulukki Sarbath

RJ Sona

Every village will have a common meeting place or square. Every such junction will have a story to tell. Of affection, love, friendship, weddings, etc. Let us reminisce many joyous events we have forgotten. Let us recapture those mailanji-coloured stories through Mailanji Mukku.

Malabar Matinee

RJ Geethu

Cinema maybe considered as the king of arts. One major reason for such a perspective is that cinema brings all arts together. Here is a show dedicated to cinema, with all the hot news and gossip from the grapevine. This program will also showcase songs from new films and star news.


RJ Arya

We all have a love story. At least we have had a crush. The sweetness of love, the pathos of separation are all unforgettable episodes in life. Mohabbath celebrates love, and the lovers in all of us.


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